George Pieper

George Pieper

The Glory of Nature

Have you ever seen something in nature that has just taken your breath away? Seeing a beautiful vista, a waterfall at the end of a hike upstream, animals in their natural habitat, clouds moving across the sky, there are so many opportunities to witness something amazing that successively nourish your soul.  For those of us wanting to live our best lives, I say get out and take a hike!  The fresh air, sunlight on your face, moving your body, there are so many good reasons to get out and see something.  Even if you just decide to take a walk in a park or through your neighborhood.  It is an opportunity to connect with nature and your own creaturely self.  Leave the earbuds at home, leave this space unoccupied with music or the latest podcast.  Just let your mind be free to wander as you walk.  Allow yourself as a sentient being to relate to your surroundings.  You may just be in for a treat!

This happened to me on one of our trips to our home in Spain.  Albeit I did not hike anywhere to witness nature’s glory.  I was fortunate to just wake up early in the morning and step out onto our balcony.  My body clock was off having traveled from the United States.  I thought since I am up, I will grab a cup of coffee and watch the sunrise come up over the Gulf of Sant Jordi and cast light on our little seaside village of L’Ampolla in the Tarragona Provence of Catalonia.  Since that moment, I was hooked on the sights and sounds of nature in the morning and it grew a deepening love for this place connecting my soul with its rhythms. 

So here is Gee Fab’s very first video on YouTube!  This shows the gathering and flight of a murmuration of starlings when they leave their roost at the break of dawn to venture off into the day. It is an exhilarating display of nature in a breathtaking moment that I captured on video. Enjoy!

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