A Fabulous life begins in appreciating your suroundings!

I have always been good at nesting and 20 years in a career as an interior designer has definitively honed my skills staging a scene. I am a collector of things mid-century modern, which certainly contributes to my personal esthetic choices. I adore Pyrex, dishware, and colorful glass objects.  I appreciate the simplicity that form follows function.  Our homes are intimate portraits and reflective of who we are when we invite people inside.  Gathering beautiful things around you and sharing your style with others is a lovely gesture of care and an integral component to enjoying a life well lived! In these posts, I’ll share my tips for success, keeping house, gardening, and entertaining with a flair for the fabulous.      

George Pieper

Reclaim Your Dining Table!

In our modern hectic world, I feel that many things have fallen by the wayside for ease and convenience.  Then perhaps we fall into different

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