treat yourself to the best!

Growing up my mother used to say that I had champagne tastes on a beer budget, but as an adult I beg to differ that this is true today.  I say, I have refined tastes with modified expectations.  You can have it all and why shouldn’t you?  Saving and living within your means does not mean that you need to sacrifice.  You just need to discover joy in finding wonderful and economical alternatives that balance with your budget!  Perception and developing a plan is key to attaining the affluence you desire. In the following posts look for creative life hacks to embrace your status and get the most out of it.  Take control and live a fabulous life!  

George Pieper

The Meaning of Affluence

Ah – affluence!  I know that affluence as a stand-alone term can have different connotations to different people.  I felt that I needed to include

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